Club Rules


On the East side:
From the Garden Centre below Milford Weir to the Marker Post, Little Eaton, missing the Rolls-Royce Guest House and Peckwash Mill Yard to the Railway Bridge.
On the West Side:
Below the Tennis Courts at Milford down to Burley Brook Mouth.
From Hawley’s Bridge to confluence with River Derwent.


The members book must be carries at all times on the water. The book is issued on condition that it is only used by the bearer, who is a member, and that no-one is allowed with him on the river bank. Anglers are strictly forbidden to use the car parking area closest to Duffield Parish Church. Please use the large car park 50 yards from the Church.
Fishing from the Church Yard is strictly forbidden.
All members fishing the River or Brook must obtain a Water Authority Rod Licence.
Members must on no account trespass on the Railway.
Trespassing is strictly forbidden. and members must keep to the River Bank.
Any member leaving gates unfastened, damaging fences, mowing grass, or leaving litter on the bank, to be severely dealt with.
Strictly no access for anglers over the cattle bridge at Little Eaton.
The Federation will not be responsible for any loss, injury, or damage sustained on the water.
The officials of the federation have the right to ban any member for misconduct of any kind.
No vehicles on Eyes Meadows sports field.
Car Parking is available at Riverside Garden Centre Car Park, Milford, Eyes Meadows Sports Ground, Duffield and Elms Farm, Little Eaton (access only through farm yard).
No Permits issued on the Bank.
A member must not fish within ten yards of another
member without his permission or obstruct any Club
holding a contest.
A member must produce his membership card for inspection on request from any
authorised person or member.
All fish caught in matches to be returned alive to the
Any member lending his card, infringing any of these
rules, or guilty of improper behaviour will be liable to
forfeit all privileges of the Federation,
The Committee’s decision to be final and binding.
All Coarse Fish caught during the Closed Season must
be returned to the water immediately.
No live baiting allowed.
The Federation recommends the use of barbless hooks.
All fish to be returned to the water with the
exception of:
Trout above 11 inches – LImit: 2 fish per day
Pike -LimIt: one brace per day
NO tins to be taken on the river bank
DON’T stop any animal from drinking.
DON’T poach.
DON’T light fires on the river bank.
DON’T leave discarded tackle on the bank.
DON’T take a gun on the river bank.
DON’T leave any gates open.
DON’T walk across fields, please keep to river bank.
NO barbel to be kept in keep nets during pleasure fIshing
The Federation will not be responsible for any member who
does not adhere to the rules. There is strictly no canoeing on
Federation Waters In the event of fishing being disrupted by
either canoeists or anti-blood sport groups, please ring the
following Police helpline immediately if you feel the situation
could get out of hand.
Tel: 0345 123 3333


A change in the legal position. All anglers on fishing club/fishery waters must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency (EA) licence at all times.
Club bailiffs and all other members (on production of their own licence and permit) are authorised to check the EA licence and proof of identity of any angler on fishing club/fishery waters. Failure to provide either could lead to expulsion from the club/fishery.
By (becoming a member of the society/club/association) you agree to be bound by the society/club/ association/fishery rules and the bye laws. All relevant EA bye laws will be observed on club waters.
Rules may be changed by members at an AGM or EGM Or (by the fishery owner). Society/club/association/ fishery bye laws are established by the committee, from time to time.
Society/club/association rules and bye laws are published on notice boards and in the society/club/association handbook.


  1. A Roach of 1 1/4Ibs and over entitles the captor to a Badge and membership of the Club.
  2. The fish must be taken by fair angling and in season.
  3. The fish must be weighed and verified by an official of the Federation at the keep net. No fish to be carried.
  4. All fish to be returned to the water alive.
  5. The Official’s ruling on verification of species and weight shall be final.
    The Bridge Inn Roach Cup will be awarded annually to the Member catching the heaviest fish.